Think they didn’t notice that boner in class? Oh they did and that poor kid’s awkward boner just got a lot more awkward when there’s a site for that.

Awkward boners suck…well, actually I wouldn’t know, the worst I’ve had to deal with is the occasional poulterwang from some misguided fashion choices (damn you pleated pants!).

Be advised, that while most of the photos are hilarious, it is recommended to keep mind-bleach on hand. So get out that bottle of Everclear and enjoy the awkwardness.

Boner Conga

What could be better than a seemingly endless stream of hilarious, tragic, and truly horrifying pictures of guys’ junk from the comfort of your own home?

The site uses a rating system that’s simple and effective, ranging from Awkward to Understandable.
Awkward = boner while riding your horse.

Ride indeed!

Understandable = boner at a party that apparently involves, nudity, girls and beer.

Bone on, young man, bone on

Remember that mind bleach I mentioned? You might want to have that handy, also cabanas should have walls. I would post the image, but I don’t want to inadvertantly give you nightmares.

The best part for me personally, is reading the comments, especially the indignant ranting if isn’t a “real” boner. So priceless.
- let’s start a site called, “”
- Seriously. If you’re a moderator, you should be able to know the difference. The fail rate on here is astounding.
Yea! Stop wasting my time, learn to spot a real boner or GTFO!

I think everyone has seen a public boner, whether it’s a middle-age man clad entirely in spandex or a kid at his first Spring break.

Beach Boner Bingo

This site just goes to show, that it doesn’t matter the age, race or income level, boners are the great equalizer among men. How do you spell world peace? B-O-N-E-R.

Thanks! It’s good to know there’s a site for that.

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    I had a boner during class once and my friend saw it. The teacher was hot though.

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