History is awesome! But who has time to read books ugh? Lucky for us there’s historical tweets. It’s kind of hard to describe, but the creators take actual historical events and re-imagine them through the unverified accounts of famous people.

It’s too funny and if your a history buff you will probably get most of them, but even if you’re not an expert on 16th century English royal genealogy, there is still lots and lots to have a good laugh at.

So I saw this really long documentary about the expedition, and the only thing I remember from it is that they claimed each member of the expedition ate up to 7lbs of meat per day and burned something like 6000 calories. DAMN!! That’s like Michael Phelps level calorie-burn, those guys must’ve been ripped.

The biblical tweets really made me laugh, there was even one on the Eddie Izzard bit about the ark!

Oh lol, if only! America ftw!!

I really loved historical tweets, consistently hilarious and so unexpected.

Thanks historicaltweets.com! It’s good to know there’s a site for that.

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