Ikea is one of those places that you wish you would get ‘accidentally’ locked inside for the night. First order of business: cart races, followed by ice cream cones and then the most epic game of laser tag ever. I love everything about Ikea, except the furniture.

Despite the fact almost every surface in my home was made in Sweden, I can’t say that I love it. And I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment because there is entire site dedicated to hacking your Ikea purchases. Some hacks are just decorative, others strive towards better functionality, and some are just so your cat will have a ridiculous aerial playground.


I love this hack, it’s so clever, once he puts the doors on you can’t even tell it’s a recycling station. Really awesome.

I might try this one

Ok, well this isn’t the most technically impressive one, but I always wondered wtf you do with those weird cushions! Now I know, turn it into something else.

Not exactly what I meant by aerial playground, but it's a start.

Ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? This is the Kevin Federline of cats and somewhere out there Britney cat is licking Cheeto dust off her paws and nipping at her kittens.

There are so many fantastic ideas on the site, I can’t wait to try a few. Also you may find the hacker forum handy when you get the POÄNG stuck in the wrong BÖJA.

Thanks ikeahacker.blogspot.com! It’s good to know there’s a site for that.

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2 Responses to “ikeahacker.blogspot.com”

  1. Paul says:

    The forum comments can be pretty funny, too. My favorite is from the cat bed: “That’s a very cute little kitty bed, but you might want to start working on a hacked fat cat coffin.”

  2. Lisa says:

    lol I missed that. Ikea has these little metal lockers, it would be perfect for a cat coffin. It even has airholes…just in case it’s only a coma.

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