What are Canada’s biggest exports? Maple syrup, obnoxious vowels and teenage performers. It’s like an estuary where entertainers are nursed until they get armpit hair and make the annual migratory journey to America. Think about it, Avril Lavigne, Aubrey Graham, and of course, Justin Bieber. He’s 140lbs of pure star power.

I saw his latest video with Usher, you know the one, Somebody to Love. The kid is 16 going on 10, I think the only somebody to love is his mom. But, I am glad he’s famous because it brings up a really important point: lesbians look like pre-teen boys. I’m not hating, I once had a crew cut which I started growing out the day someone referred to me as “Hey kid!”

Bieber doesn't want to do a photo right now

This lesbian is so spot ON! She better buy his album, its the least she can do for all the fame he is lending her.

This is the oddest couple ever

Leather couch? Check
Giant earrings? Check
Fake tan? Check

Welcome to Jersey, Bieber!! Wooooo!! Have I introduced you to Snookie yet?

Instrument of choice? Spoon

I liked this photo because it shows the side by side comparison. This is an actual phenomenon people, so if it’s your dream to meet the Biebster I suggest you head to your local gay bar.

The site is pretty damn funny and they intermingle actual Bieber photos with user-submitted photos, every time I’m fooled, I think “WOW, she looks just like him!!”

Thanks lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com! And thanks Brad for the submit, it’s good to know there’s a site for that.

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    the first pic she is so sexy!!!!!!!!

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